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How the Method works
The Callan Method was invented to make students as involved as possible in the learning process, and at the same time to help them to make the best possible use of their time. The Method is a rigorously structured programme of instruction, divided into twelve stages. The teacher asks students a series of questions which the students must answer. Because the Method aims to get students to speak, classes hold the attention of students and stimulate their memory.
Why the Method is effective
Most people who learn English are more interested in acquiring a practical skill than in obtaining intellectual satisfaction. They want to learn English for business or professional purposes, and they need to acquire a good working knowledge of the language as quickly as possible. They value the Method's efficiency. Students at a Callan Method school can make progress up to four times faster than at other types of language school. As many tests have shown, they learn English in a quarter of the time. The Method is like a piece of precision engineering, an intricate design which is simple to use. The key factors behind the success of the Method are its calculated and systematic approach to the teaching of language, and its determination to maximize student involvement. Students learn best by speaking and listening. The pace of classes immerses students in the language.
Why the Method is trusted
Many systems for learning a language promise more than they deliver. But the claims of the Callan Method can be substantiated. There is a wealth of evidence to prove that students at a Callan Method School learn English faster than students at other types of language school, and further details are available elsewhere on this website. Question, answer, repetition, the basis of the Method, is an approach to learning a language that is often recommended by educational psychologists. Because a Callan Method class is highly scripted, students are provided with a clear structure, an advantage which is especially important in the early stages of learning English. Few teachers of English as a foreign language are professional linguists, and few students could afford to employ a teacher with such high qualifications. The Method helps teachers by relieving them of the task of preparing their own material, and giving them a reliable framework. The Method helps students by sparing them from the confusing or fanciful initiatives of inexperienced teachers. Instead the student can rely on the years of planning and preparation that went into the Method providing, of course, that the teacher understands his obligation to respect the Method's systematic approach. Meticulous organization and clear ground-rules have made the Method especially attractive to the private sector, and to students whose language study is self-financed.

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